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Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Exceptionalism

A few thoughts on healthcare and American exceptionalism in my rather unstructured format. :)


Janelle said...

Most conservatives I know started out somewhere else on the political spectrum and evolved through time, knowledge and experience. I personally do not know of a single case of an individual evolving in the other direction.

Christopher said...

Hello, My name is Christopher. I learned of you thru Clifton (Another Black Conservative) and you are so cool (yes, 45 old man here "married happily") I wish to ask if I may repost and of course likk back your video here?

I have a 17 yro who is fine as to American thought much as your own, but wish others may hear you as I believe your voice is more needed to right this shared Nation of ours.

Soloman said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your comments from both your videos. You seemed to get past "taking yourself too seriously" on this second one.. ;-)

Regarding the "equal results" issue you challenge, you're correct - it's not what our Founders intended.

Samuel Adams once said, "The Utopian schemes of leveling and a community of goods, are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown. These ideas are arbitrary, despotic, and in our government, unconstitutional."

Good to hear about another Dennis Prager fan.

I just did a post about him, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts!

py said...

I'm probably reading into this much more than I should, but the blank canvas in the background of your videoblog seems incredibly appropriate. Unburdening one's self of preconcieved notions and taking what seems to be the less traveled path (at least nowadays) of critical thinking can open your eyes wider than they have ever been. In some ways you have become that blank slate, that empty canvas, upon which you will paint a picture of your own thoughts and opinions. Right or wrong, they are your own.

Excellent vid btw, I don't know how you can sit in front of a camera that long!

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